Saturday, February 14, 2009

Yoga by Lorien Podcasts

These podcasts are meant to be supplementary to your ongoing practice. I strongly recommend gaining a foundation in yoga poses and breathing with a live teacher first.

90-minute Wellness Yoga class; includes legs up the wall variations, somatic work and restorative poses; recorded on June 14, 2011

23-minute discussion, meditation and breathing exercise recorded in Yoga as Cancer Support Workshop on April 23, 2011

90-minute Hatha Yoga class recorded on March 10, 2011

60-minute Yin Yoga class recorded on March 2, 2011

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Engineering & Yoga: A Smooth Ride for All

Whenever people find out that my previous incarnation was as a mechanical engineer for Lockheed Martin, I inevitably get the question: isn't that a huge change to go from being an engineer to teaching yoga? The answer is yes and no. The obvious differences are there: environment, hours, management, etc. The similarities are not always as apparent, but they are there. You begin to notice them as your train your mind and body, working as an engineer to construct a stable structure with proper ventilation. And at the heart of yoga teaching are the concepts of duhkha, usually translated as meaning suffering, and sukha, usually translated as meaning ease. A literal translation of sukha brings us "good space", referring to the term used to describe the correct construction and alignment of a wagon wheel to its axis; a bad alignment creates duhkha, "bad space", or a ride filled with suffering; a correct alignment creates sukha, "good space", or a ride that is smooth. That is an engineering concept, right at the heart of yoga! So, the next time you practice, think like an engineer of your self: create a smooth ride... good space... sukha. Namaste!

What we are practicing now...
Urdhva Dhanurasana (upward bow or wheel pose) is an amazing pose to counteract the "Silicon Valley Slump" as it stretches the chest, shoulders and hips. It requires both strength and flexibility. The arms need to be able to extend overhead while rotating the elbows parallel to each other - no easy feet for a desk jockey! Stretching open the chest and strengthening the triceps and latissimus dorsi muscles achieve the arm position; opening the front of the hips while inwardly rotating the legs and firming the lower abdominal muscles achieve the leg position. A great preparation for this pose is Bridge. To come in to this rewarding but challenging pose, go through the steps outlined in Yoga Journal. There are lots of ways to use props and partners to experience the elements of the pose, but don't be in a hurry. Work with the steps slowly and only lift when you feel ready! Be sure to counter pose by bringing your knees to chest or chest to knees. Enjoy!

Schedule updates...
No updates for now. See my website for a complete schedule, as well as podcasts for home practice.