Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Graceful Living

I have been thinking about grace lately. It's always been my desire to move through life, taking changes and disappointments with a graceful ease, because that is almost the opposite of what I had been doing until recently. I made a decision to find ways to improve my grace, but it's not so easy. A few months ago, I began learning a Brazilian martial art form called Capoeira. It combines dance, music, acrobatics and combat into a beautiful flow that really speaks to my heart. As I watch the more experienced Capoeiristas, I notice that quality of grace in their movements: they respond to their partner with attention and an ease that my beginner's body doesn't yet posses. But that is the point: grace takes practice, and sometimes you don't get it quite right. Each time I fall, each time I lose my temper, each time I apologize, I am learning grace. Just like my Capoeira games. Just like my yoga practice. Living gracefully is a practice. As Fall approaches, there are many changes coming; some I will respond to better than others, but all are opportunities to practice graceful living.

What we are practicing now...
Ardha Sarvangasana (half shoulder stand pose) is a wonderful pose for the warmer weather and is an inversion that in most of us can access. To view a picture and instructions, please click here. If your wrists can manage it, try being in this pose for 2 minutes to fully receive its benefits.

Schedule Updates and Events...
  • New Classes Thursdays! Beginning September 30, Lorien will be teaching 2 classes at The Yoga Studio in downtown Campbell. This studio is owned by a fellow graduate of my teacher training program and includes our trainer on its staff. It features Aerial yoga - a wonderfully therapeutic and fun way to practice yoga (see their website for pictures)! Lorien's classes on September 30 will be by donation, benefitting the public schools in Campbell. Please come by, help out the campbell community and see this beautiful space! Note new opening date.
  • September 25, 1:00-4:00pm Yoga and the Cancer Journey Workshop with Lorien and Michelle Duguay; hosted by Soula Power Yoga studio in downtown San Jose. $35 pre-registered, $45 day of. For more information, see Special Events or contact Lorien. Please help spread the word about this workshop so that all who are affected by cancer can learn how yoga can support them.
  • October 1-3 Yin and Yang Yoga Retreat with Lorien at Mount Madonna Retreat Center in Watsonville; there are only 2 spots left!!! Contact Lorien ASAP if you are interested in going. See Special Events for details.
  • Coming soon! Lorien will be teaching at another new studio opening in Los Gatos... stay tuned for more details.