Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Growing Past Being Wrong

My husband and I have a long-running joke about how neither one of us can be wrong. After 14 years of marriage, we've come to the understanding that just because one of us is right, it doesn't make the other wrong. But recently, I've become aware of some hard truths that led me to the realization that I was wrong. (There, Aaron, I said it.) I was wrong about some fundamental things that were really making my life unhappy. Even after I realized these truths, my ego stuffed them down to protect itself. I became defensive and angry as my ego reacted in fear. I was convinced that my life was a power struggle and to admit my mistakes would diminish my power. On this, I was truly and sadly wrong! Admitting my mistakes not only helped my situation, but also empowered me to move forward without the weight of these misconceptions. I am always advocating letting go of the ego in my yoga practice, but it's important to take that off the matt, too. During this process I asked the question "what does the ego do for us?" and the answer that came back was, "it gives us the opportunity to grow." The next time you are faced with a situation - on or off the matt - that makes you defensive, ask yourself if this is an opportunity to grow...

Schedule updates and special events; please see Special Events page for more details...
  • Lorien will be on retreat Nov 6-11, but classes will continue with subs.
  • Nov 11-12: Lorien's teacher, Tias Little, will be at Breathe Los Gatos for three weekend workshops, and Lorien will be assisting him! Check out his offerings here. You don't want to miss these!
  • Special classes: Lorien will be subbing the following classes at Breathe Los Gatos: Tuesday, Nov 29 10:30am Foundations of Flow and Wednesday, Nov 30 noon Gentle Yoga.
  • Saturday, December 4th 1:00-3:30om: Sweet Surrender Restorative Workshop at Willow Glen Yoga Studio
  • SAVE THE DATE: April 27-29, 2012 Weekend Retreat with Lorien and Marti Foster at Mayacamas Ranch in Calistoga... more info coming soon!