Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September Offerings

Greetings, September! Did this month sneak up on anyone else? Ready or not, here it is.

School is back in session, the earth is showing her dry spots and many of us are noticing the changes in our schedules and in our lives.

I'm no exception.

This week marks several new classes, times and locations for classes for people with cancer. As some of you know, teaching people with cancer is my calling and my privilege. I am incredibly honored to add these new classes to my schedule. I hope to see some of you there, if it is appropriate for you to be there. Please help me spread the word to those who need these practices during some of their most challenging times.


Stanford Cancer Supportive Care Program has moved its yoga classes to a new location! 

We are now holding yoga classes 3 days a week at Samyama Yoga Center, located at 2995 Middlefield Road in Palo Alto. This new center is very luxurious and has welcomed our program with open arms. On Mondays, Denise Wendler (my first yoga teacher) will lead the Restorative Yoga class, which is open to students in any stage of their cancer journey. On Wednesdays, I will lead a Gentle Yoga for Cancer Recovery class, which is the next step from restorative and invites movement and includes some (optional) standing poses; this class is designed for those through their more active phase of treatment through recovery. On Thursdays, I will lead a Yoga Basic for Cancer Survivors class, which offers a bridge for those students who are through treatment and would like to eventually step into any other yoga class with confidence and safety. All classes meet 1:30-2:45pm and are open to survivors as well as caregivers and are offered free through Stanford's generous donations.

Cancer CAREpoint has a newly remodeled space and yoga classes!

The Cancer CAREpoint resource center, located at 2505 Samaritan Dr., Suite 402, in San Jose, has expanded to include a space for yoga classes. In addition to the weekly Tuesday classes held at Breathe Los Gatos Yoga Studio, we are now offering a weekly Wednesday evening class at the resource center. This class is designed for students who are working during their cancer treatment, or those who are through their active treatment and returning to work. The class meets Wednesday 6:00-7:00pm and will include breathing, stretching and some standing work. In October, there will be an additional Thursday morning class, taught by Linda Toenisketter. Classes are meant for survivors and are free (but we will gladly accept donations).