Monday, February 2, 2015

Yoga Anywhere - Even in Bed

"If I don't do some kind of practice for 10 minutes before I try to get up in the morning, I might not even make it out of bed. Because of my arthritis pain, the practice makes the difference between shuffling (and praying I don't fall) and walking to the bathroom."

My student told me this yesterday, as she was sharing how happy she is to be able to practice every day and improve her quality of life. Not all of us have this type of motivation for our daily practice. For some of us, the difficulty with maintaining a daily practice is finding time. Once we get up, the demands of family and business appear more important than our own self-care.

The following practice was inspired by an email from a mattress company, Casper, who claims to have the perfect combination of memory and latex foam. They wanted to know what yoga poses could be done in bed, for those of us - like my student above, who need to practice in bed, or those of us who just don't want to leave our comfy havens.

Yoga in bed is a way to support ourselves, before the day begins, so that we suffer less throughout the day. Here are my 10 favorite poses to do in bed. Use pillows and rolled up blankets for props; you'll probably want the covers off once you begin moving around.

1. Resting Butterfly - with and without support

2. Windshield Wipers - move side to side

3. Banana

4. Figure Four

5. Sphinx - 2 options

6. Sleeping Swan

7. Supported Twist

8. Open Sesame - 3 options

9. Toe / Ankle Stretch

10. Seated Pranayama / Meditation