Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ask and You Shall Receive

Sometimes asking for what we need or want is a hard thing to do. Maybe we aren't quite sure what it is that we need, so defining it is the challenge. Or maybe, the act of asking is foreign and riddled with fear. I had been mulling this idea over for a while when I came up with the plan to get really clear on what I wanted in my life. I made a simple text file on my computer's desktop and worked on my "request to the universe" for weeks. I prioritized my wishes and kept the language very simple and positive. (I had, after all, been working with bhavana for some time before this process.) After weeks of massaging the text in this file, I started to notice two things: first, my actions, words and thoughts all began to align with this request - rather than wait for the universe to provide these things to me, I would live my life in a way that promoted my request. Second, my requests began to come true! My request encompassed both personal and professional goals, and more and more of those are being met every day. Some of these are long term life goals that I will continue to meditate about and be aware of for years to come. It all began with a request. What will you request?

What we are practicing now...
I call this the "feline spine", and it's a purr-fect summertime practice! Moving fluidly and thoughtfully is a great way to release excess heat from your body. To begin, come into Child's pose and exhale all your breath out.
  • On your inhale, round your back high and bring your shoulders over your wrists into Cat pose.
  • On your exhale, arch your back and pull your hips back towards your feet.
  • Move forward and back that way a few times and when you've got the rhythm of the breath and movement, close your eyes and articulate each piece of your spine, undulating with your breath.
  • Repeat this for as long as you like and then move back into Child's pose (to end the practice) or Downward-Facing Dog pose (to continue the practice). Yum!
Schedule Updates and Events...
  • New Class Thursdays! Beginning September 23, Lorien will be teaching 2 classes at a new studio in downtown Campbell... more details to come!
  • September 25, 1:00-4:00pm Yoga and the Cancer Journey Workshop with Lorien and Michelle Duguay; hosted by Soula Power Yoga studio in downtown San Jose. $35 pre-registered, $45 day of. For more information, see Special Events.
  • October 1-3 Yin and Yang Yoga Retreat with Lorien has moved to Mount Madonna Retreat Center in Watsonville; fees have changed, see Special Events for updates.