Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cat Days of Winter

There is the "dog days of summer", why not "cat days of winter"? We can learn a lot from our feline friends about how to take care of ourselves during the colder, darker months:
1) Sunbathe. Ever notice how cats will go to extreme lengths to catch a nap in the sun? If we all had that dedication to our vitamin D intake, we would help balance hormones and lower our risk of cancer.
2) Stretch. Anywhere, anytime in any direction. Lose the tension by undulating your spine a little every day, just like a cat.
3) Move mindfully. Cats are known for their grace, but if you watch a cat closely, you'll see they are very particular about how, where and when they step. Can you imagine taking a tentative step off a curb, then pulling your foot back and repeating that several times? You indeed would be ready to move once you finally committed to it!
4) Groom. Another things cats are known for is their obsessive grooming habits. Imagine you massaged your skin as much as a cat does (sans tongue!); you would be moving your skin and muscles continually, easing tension, improving circulation and lymph drainage - which is key to a healthy immune system.
It's no wonder cats are always napping; it takes a lot of effort to maintain this level of self care. Meow!

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  • Saturday, Dec 11: FREE Community Restorative Class 1:00-2:30pm at Soula in downtown San Jose. Come early, only 20 spots available!
  • Sunday, Jan 2: Donation-based Gentle Yoga Class 5:00-6:30pm at Breathe in Los Gatos; all proceeds will support yoga for cancer survivors through
  • New class! Beginning Tuesday, Jan 4, Lorien will teach an ongoing yoga for cancer support class at Breathe in Los Gatos; this class is donation-based.
  • New class! Beginning Sunday, Jan 9, Lorien will teach an ongoing gentle yoga class at Breathe in Los Gatos.
  • Saturday, Feb 5: Yoga as Cancer Support workshop 1:00-4:00pm at Breathe in Los Gatos; this workshop is donation-based and is for patients, caregivers and professionals working with cancer.
  • Date TBD: Yoga for Cancer Support at Home workshop at Stanford hospital in Palo Alto; this workshop teaches patients and caregivers how to practice yoga at home, using household props and addressing common obstacles. This workshop is offered free of charge through the Stanford Cancer Support Program.