Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stealthy Love

I mentioned in a yin yoga class a while back that students may not feel the many benefits of the yin practice right away, but that it sneaks up on you and you may notice a feeling of ease in the body and spirit without realizing its source. It got me to thinking about how some of the greatest gifts in my life were not necessarily love at first sight, but that they snuck into my heart and firmly lodged themselves there, much to my joy. Yoga itself is one of those. I was not sold on yoga from my first class. In fact, I left the class saying "I'll never do that again." Four years after that initial attempt, I enrolled in a class at the local YMCA and haven't stopped doing yoga since. I often reflect on that first class and wonder why it didn't hook me then and there; I know that you have to be in a specific place in your life to be interested in such an introspective, sometimes confrontational, practice. Not everyone is there the first time. I am known for my ability to work with people new to yoga, and I think that's because I never forget what it is like to be the new person in the room, to be so mystified by everyone's reaction and to be overwhelmed by my own. For some of us, the slow, stealthy approach is best; it gives us time to catch up to what our hearts already know.

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