Thursday, July 7, 2011

Leaning Back On the Ancestors

The end of June and the beginning of July was particularly bountiful for me. In other words, I fell behind in a lot of things!

I wanted to start my catching-up process by sending a big, heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you who participated and donated in the 108 Challenge last month. I will be removing the videos at the end of July, so you still have them for a few more weeks. I will have the donation totals later this month.

Thank you also to all my wonderful subs who filled in for me during my 2-week absence. I took a family trip and then a yoga training that ended up being more about my own practice and less about my teaching. Yes, even after 12 years of practice, I still can learn a thing or two (or 2,000) about yoga.

One of the many gems that I unearthed was the idea of "leaning back on the ancestors", or trusting the practice and all those who came before me. For someone who has spent a great deal of her life practicing radical independence, that idea was profound. This week, when I found myself slipping into a pattern of negativity about all that I was not keeping up with, I took a deep breath and leaned back a little. I visualized a mountain, a tree or a person back there, holding me. It's wildly freeing, because I knew that it didn't matter to the mountain if I checked and replied to all my emails that day, and the tree doesn't care that I didn't make the bed, and my grandmother still sends me loving dreams even if I've forgotten my login account. That kind of support is always there if we just take notice. Try it. Take a deep breath and lean back a little.