Monday, August 1, 2011

Connect Inside to Connect Outside

It's a Friday yin class and my inspiration is low. I've taught a variation of this same class all week and said the same cues and encouragement over and over. It's still relevant, but by Friday it feels less sincere. And then, just as I've gotten out of my own way and stopped scripting it all, my mouth spouts out words that I didn't even know were in my head, and the theme of the class unfolds itself to me: "Reflect on what's happening inside so that you can connect deeper with those around you." But getting quiet and still and diving deep within is a tough sell in this culture of ultra-stimulation; some times just getting people to put down their phones before (or even during!) class is challenging. But we must slow down and be quiet to really understand what's going on inside us. When we are still, we hear what the body is telling us, what the mind is telling us, and what our emotions are saying. When we practice that stillness, we learn more about ourselves. We realize what our true motivations are, what our values are and what we are willing to surrender. Knowing these help us to know others better, and to connect with them on very honest, deeper levels. So don't take sitting quietly for granted; get in touch with what's happening inside to feel others around you. Namaste.

Schedule updates and special events; please see Special Events page for more details...
  • Lorien will be subbing the following Yin classes at Breathe: Thursdays 6:00-7:30pm on August 4, 18, 25 and Saturday 11:45-1:00pm August 27.
  • Saturday, August 13th 1:00-2:30pm: Yoga on the Beach at New Brighton Beach, Capitola
  • Saturday, August 20th 1:00-3:00pm: Dynamic Hatha Yoga Fundraiser Class with Lorien and Cindy Campbell at Willow Glen Yoga
  • Sunday, September 11th 1:30-4:00pm: Soothe Your Soul Workshop at Breathe Yoga Studio
  • SAVE THE DATE: April 27-29, 2012 Weekend Retreat with Lorien and Marti Foster at Mayacamas Ranch in Calistoga