Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Year of Living Consciously Part 4

Today is April 1 - Fool's Day, so I thought I'd address one of my own blocks to living consciously: the Ego.

There are a whole family of reactions that come with realizing I've been a fool: thoughts about self-worth, intelligence, importance; feelings of betrayal, hurt, defensiveness; physical reactions of protection, nausea and loss of air. All of these reactions stem from one thing: my Ego. My Ego tells me someone has betrayed me or that I've been made a fool and that my attachment to some identity is in jeopardy. My Ego tells me I must lash out or collapse in to defend this identity. My Ego is the court jester who tells me I'm the fool, when my Ego is, in fact, an illusion. When I stop listening to this Ego, who poisons my heart, I'm able to let go of any and all blocks to living consciously. I can laugh at myself, I can forgive and I can love.

Yoga practice teaches me to remove the veils, the illusions to reality. The illusion here is that the Ego is a rational, reasonable voice; once the veil has been lifted, the rational, reasonable 3-piece suit that the Ego wears begins to fall away and I see in its place the 3-horned hat and clown face. The Ego is the truest illusion. This year, I will not be fooled today by it.


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