Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Year of Living Consciously Part 5

Last month I wrote about my personal jester/devil/inner critic, my Ego. I'd like to revisit this concept this month as I look at what obstructs the spiritual path. I hope this speaks to some of you and that you'll be inspired to fire your ego.

Some years ago I read a statement meant for cancer patients: you have all the healing energy within you, you only need to remove the blocks to access it. Recently I read a statement meant for spiritual seekers: you have all the love within you, you only need to remove the blocks to access it. It seems to me both these statements are pointing to the same thing: our ego obstructs our ability to heal, love and be whole. The question I keep asking myself is what does it cost me to be loving? What does it cost me to let someone else win the argument, cut in line, speak harshly to me without my reacting? 

What does that cost? My ego. And why have I been reluctant to embrace the loving path? To say out loud, "I will no longer react with fear, anger or other misperceptions of defense"? My ego. If I claim to be loving and then speak harshly for a moment, who will judge me? My ego.

But the ego is self-defeating. It is yang without yin, effort without ease. It is tyranny. Today, I'm saying no to the tyrannical ego and embracing the grace of integrated energy, of action in the presence of relaxation. I'm removing the obstructions. There is no cost but the ego, and so much to gain.


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  • May 5, 2012 1:30-4:00pm Yoga for Cancer Survivorship workshop at Yoga of Los Altos. See Special Events for more info.
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