Sunday, February 3, 2013

Lymphedema and Fascia

People with cancer - especially those with breast cancer, hear the term "lymphedema" often, but I wonder how many actually know what it is? The lymphatic system runs parallel to the circulatory system, but has no pump (like the heart) to move the lymph through it; instead, it relies on our physical movements to encourage the flow through the one-way valves and channels. The flow supports 1) the drainage of waste and 2) our body's ability to learn what to defend against, in terms of illness and disease; it's for this reason that exercise is recommended to keep us healthy, and for this reason that all of my yoga class for people with cancer include gentle movements. I met Daya Fisch at a talk she gave in San Jose for the Cancer CAREpoint organization, where she explained how the fascia has a great deal to do with the flow of lymph through the body.

Daya is a wonderful educator, a certified massage therapist, specializing in lymphatic massage, holds an MS in Holistic Nutrition, and is Director of the Breast Health Project, which is dedicated to educating women in practical holistic techniques that can be used to increase their breast health, changing attitudes from fear to knowledge and empowerment.

Daya made this informative, accessible video and I'm so thrilled she's sharing it with all of us. Please watch it - even if you are not affected by cancer, because it will explain how the fascia works and how tightness, injury or surgery can affect it and, subsequently, the circulation of lymph.



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