Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Integrate to End Suffering; Welcome Change!

Photo credit: Amy Dotson
Happy New Year!  I hope this post finds all of you healthy, happy and whole.

As some of you have already experienced, yoga is a tool for integration. At the end of the last year, I took some time off to reflect on what was a very challenging and growing experience over the past 12 months. What I discovered is that my challenges, and my times of suffering occurred when I wasn’t integrating fully. There were periods when I was so much in my body, but didn’t allow my mind or heart to motivate me; there were times when I was in my head (okay, a lot of times!), and I felt my body and heart were neglected; and there were opportunities for me to be so much in my heart that I felt I might burst, but my head and my body were not there, too. Each of these times brought joy and necessary insight, and each of these times brought me a good deal of suffering. It was only during the rare moments that I experienced my body, heart and mind all working together as a team towards one goal, that I felt relief from suffering. And it was only during these times that I felt a balance in my energy.

For the coming year, I will be posting about ways to balance the body, heart and mind as a method to improve the flow of life force and free ourselves from suffering. Beginning next month, the posts will be more frequent and I’ve invited guests to write entries relating to the month’s theme. My website will be going through a upgrade, and I hope to be able to offer more resources as the year progresses. I also hope to move to a system that allows followers to connect with my blog more easily. So, do peek in, follow my blog if you can, and enjoy the holistic advice on living with ease.



  • Lorien's public class schedule has changed for 2013, so check Lorien's schedule page.
  • New Year's Day special classes: noon-1:15pm Wellness Yoga, followed by 1:15-2:00pm Breath and Meditation at Breathe Los Gatos. Join us and start your year off with ease, mindfulness and intention!
  • Jan 19 1:30-2:30pm: FREE Check Your Boobies party! Join us at Breathe Los Gatos for this educational and fun event, and bring someone who needs to learn about breast health.
  • Feb 2 1:30-4:00pm: Yoga for Cancer Survivorship at Breathe Los Gatos.
  • Coming soon: Yin Yoga Immersion weekend, Yin Yoga Teacher Training... more details to come.