Monday, April 1, 2013

The Abundance of Spring

Lorien in 1980
When I was growing up, our home had many small farm animals, even though we weren't on a farm. We had cats and chickens and rabbits and some geese, for a while. We also used most of our backyard to grow fruit and vegetables. What was great about all of this is I was a witness to nature's rhythms. Each spring I watched the green shoots poking through the ground and the tiny balls of fur that would later become cats or rabbits. Each summer and fall I watched the leaves dry out, and the food that we couldn't use returned to the earth. 
Spring has always been my favorite season, with its showy promise of things to come and its wild abundance. This spring is no exception to me. There are so many things happening that I am tempted to become overwhelmed. Then I remember the cool, introverted times of winter and I am grateful for all this opportunity! I hope you find your abundance this spring, too.


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